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Techno Crap. Techno Crap.

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Hmm. . .constructive criticism. . .on its way. ^_^

It's great that you're incorporating more diversity into your songs. In that respect, this song is much better than your other two. However, it is still lacking the major components of most songs that make them easily recognizable (think bridges, choruses, and a main beat that isn't overused. [a main beat might seem overused in most songs, but it never gets boring because it still sounds good and isn't only 2 measures long}).

Spare the ears, and try to make the sounds a little less harsh? All of the sounds are way too loud, and it seems as if they are getting very near the threshold point for being cut off. Try turning down the sounds a little bit in the FX Equalizer, or at least use a normalizer for the main channel.

I'd also suggest making -something- in the song not short and choppy. If you'll notice, there are many "empty" spots between the beats in your song--and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as they are correctly spaced to raise anticipation, or to forebode a drastic change in the song--which makes the melody sound to be short and abrupt. Perhaps a pad would do, or not letting some of the samples you use cut themselves?

As I said above, these are only suggestions, and should only be taken as such. Keep on working man; and the music you produce will sound more and more pleasing to the ears. ^_^